How do we build a new generation of leaders? Who can we partner with to continue our growth? What will it take to develop a culture of giving within our organization? Today’s non-profit leaders must ask difficult questions and seek answers never before imagined.

Envisioning new futures and negotiating organizational goals are hugely challenging tasks because of the multiple agendas and passions involved. It requires a process that allows everyone to articulate their viewpoints, validate them, and still make smart business decisions for the organization.

Rosenfield Consulting brings a sophisticated understanding of non-profits, a very strong level of emotional intelligence and a creative approach to articulating and achieving clients’ organizational goals.

Known for thought innovation, Rosenfield Consulting grasps the potential, designs new models and initiatives, creates the conditions for success, and helps to secure the funding to make it all possible:
  • S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Assessing organizational capacity
  • Facilitating consensus building
  • Negotiating the emotional and intellectual parameters of organizational planning
  • Focusing on goals that improve performance
  • Visioning new programs and partnerships

“Lee’s job is his passion. I have watched him explain and prepare and convince smart and educated people what is good and right for their organization. His ideas are concrete and always backed up with reasons for the why and what he does.”
Lauren Reich, Federation Lay Leader at the Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey

Directing and encouraging leaders to lead
Organizational development capabilities
  • Board and leadership development
  • Capacity building
  • Professional coaching
  • Needs assessment
  • Partnership alignment
  • Program development
  • Strategic planning
  • Vision and mission articulation